On Sunday, Jan. 27, more than 200 people were killed in a nightclub fire in Brazil after the Gurizada Fandangueira band lit off fireworks during their performance. While this seems so foreign from what we experience in the United States, the fire was incredibly similar to a 2003 tragedy in Rhode Island when the band Great White started a fire at a nightclub which killed 100 people. With both cases, pyrotechnics ignited sound insulation during a concert.

Flames quickly spread and dark smoke filled the room while panicked patrons stampeded toward the exits. In each of these tragedies several steps and precautions enacted before and during the night could have prevented such a dramatic loss of life. It is important for businesses to take the time to examine their procedures to ensure they are able to prevent and respond to fire hazards in your building.

Here are 5 must do tips to prevent tragedies like this in your business.

1) Make sure all exits are clearly marked and well lit with a fire exit sign.

2) Immediately remove or repair any fire hazards in your building.

3) Never block a fire exit or prevent someone from using one during an emergency.

4) Do not exceed your building capacity under any circumstances.

5) Have a trained team that can direct people to multiple exits.

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