Audit Ready Package For Credit Unions


Save up to 30% on BC and cybersecurity by consolidating with Preparis.

The Preparis Audit-Ready Package delivers comprehensive business continuity and cybersecurity preparedness and compliance more efficiently and cost-effectively than any other approach. The package includes a subscription to the Preparis portal, an annual review and update of plans, 3rd party vendor assessments, an annual cybersecurity assessment and penetration test, an annual tabletop test, and reporting packages for audits and client requests.


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Audit-Ready Technology


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 The Preparis Audit-Ready Package addresses specific guidance from the NCUA and FFIEC for business continuity and cybersecurity compliance.

Regulatory Guidelines Preparis Audit Ready Package
Updated Business Continuity Plan Included
Updated Security Plan Included
Assess Cybersecurity Risks Included
Penetration Test Included
Vulnerability Scan Included
Clear Roles & Responsibilities Included
Employee Training & Controls Included
Plan Testing Included
Assess 3rd Party Vendors Included
Monitoring & Reporting Included

Audit Ready Package Details:

Preparis Portal

The Preparis Portal is your all-in-one platform managing business continuity and cybersecurity preparedness, response and compliance.

  • Manage Your Business Continuity Program From Any Device
  • Access Checklists, Tools and Expert Advice on 200+ Threats
  • Train Employees on Cybersecurity and Other Threats
  • Alert Employees Via Text Messaging, Email and Voice
  • Store & Access Critical Plans and Documents
  • Create Instant Emergency Conference Calls
  • Full Reporting and Analytics for Audits and Compliance

Incident Management Plan

Preparis will deliver an Incident Management Plan that provides structure, response protocols, and processes for managing any incident that disrupts business functions and operations.  Each year we will update the Incident Management Plan to current best practices and regulatory requirements.

Business Continuity Plan

Preparis will develop an actionable Business Continuity Plan tailored to your firm that establishes recovery requirements, actions and roles and responsibilities. Each year we will update the Business Continuity Plan to current best practices and regulatory requirements.



Penetration Test 

An annual cybersecurity assessment and penetration test will help minimize your security risks while meeting compliance guidance by the NCUA, FFIEC and others. 



Vendor Assessments

Preparis will conduct annual vendor assessments of 3rd parties critical to your firm’s operations including vendors who may have access to your firm’s networks, customer data, or other sensitive information.

Tabletop Exercise

Preparis will facilitate an annual, live, in-person training exercise with your management team to simulate a crisis scenario and walk-through of the appropriate courses of action.  The tabletop exercise will ensure team members are prepared to make the right decisions during a crisis situation, both in responding to the event and recovering the business operations.

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