twittericon-e1322518948328Twitter can be a good source of information, if you follow the right people. I think the best thing you can do in Twitter is follow other people that have the same passion as you. That way you can always stay up-to-date in emergency preparedness. We also have a Twitter account that’s worth following, which you can find here.

Why do I think you should follow these people in Twitter?

  1. All have experience in emergency preparedness => you can learn from them.
  2. They tweet mainly about emergency preparedness topics => you will not have to read too many off-topic tweets

Emergency preparedness people worth following:

  1. Keith Robertory – @krobertory
  2. Christopher Neuwirth – @ChrisNeuwirth
  3. Sara Estes Cohen – @saraestescohen
  4. Ana-Marie Jones – @MsDuctTape
  5. Scott Reuter – @sct_r
  6. Katie Freeman – @kgfreeman
  7. Jim Garrow – @jgarrow
  8. Megan Quickle – @Tellab77
  9. Kim Stephens – @kim26stephens
  10. James Hamilton – @Disaster_Guy

Are you worth following? Follow us on Twitter and get added to this list!

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