New information is coming in on the three individuals accused in plotting to set off explosions in subways in Times Square and Grand Central Station.

On the surface, it sounds like another plot by Al Qaeda to bring attention to their agenda on a global stage. But when you look deeper into this specific foiled plot, some worrisome trends are appearing.

First, we’re learning that the three individuals wanted to set off explosions attached to their bodies – like suicide bombers. While this is an unfortunate practice in other countries, this has not been the typical method in the United States….or, so we thought. I recently mentioned on several client webcasts that it is only a matter of time before terrorists resort to suicide bomber methods in the U.S. Unfortunately, we are not very prepared to deal with threats of this nature.

Second, terrorists seem to be infatuated with targeting transportation. When many of us get on airplanes these days, it’s not uncommon to think about 9/11, or at least the shoe bomber when we are forced to take our shoes off to go through security. Imagine the disruption in NYC if the Times Square subway station was rendered useless for 6 months due to a terrorist attack? Imagine the new security measures that would be put in place going forward. Yikes !

Finally, the terrorists foiled in the 2009 NYC attack stated they wanted to kill a lot of people. The fact is, for many terrorists this is not their primary goal. Many times, a terrorist conducts an act to cause the most fear, anxiety and disruption. Not casualties.

As we plan for the unexpected, suicide bombers may become a very difficult reality we may all face. Putting plans and programs in place to deal with these types of threats seems like the timely thing to do given this new information.

Founder & Board Director