Imagine having a first aid handbook at your fingertips wherever you go. One which tells you exactly what to do if someone is bleeding, burned, broken a bone, or gone into shock. Now, this app produced by the Red Cross makes first aid education accessible to anyone with an iPhone or Android.


The app does not replace the need for proper, in-person training; instead, it stands as an incredibly useful tool to support first aid emergencies. This app can seemingly take the place of finely printed, hard to navigate booklets and large bulky posters for first aid information.

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The app features four main sections: Learn, Prepare, Emergency, & Test.

Learn serves as a first aid encyclopedia with step by step instructions and Q&A interactions for each threat.

Prepare gives users checklists and directions for what to do before, during, and after a variety of disaster or emergency scenarios. Things could include, getting a portable defibrillator, which can be found on sites like and how to actually use that defibrillator if it’s ever needed.

Emergency walks through the immediate steps for responding to an emergency medical situation, including a direct “Call 911” button. Select threats include quick videos describing the proper procedures for immediately aiding an individual.

Test presents a series of knowledge challenges that are highly interactive and fun. Users can earn badges and share their achievements through social networks.

The app also includes a More tab which provides options for people looking to donate, find first aid training, or look for other information from the main Red Cross Site. This app is a perfect companion for those who would like an easy to use tool for first aid situations.

Usability 5/5
Content 5/5
Organization 5/5
Real World Scenario Benefits 5/5
Overall 5/5

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