This week, Preparis is focusing on five of the best emergency preparedness applications. With a smartphone within reach of nearly everyone, emergency and disaster management organizations are reaching out to the public through customized apps. These organizations are providing tools for the public to utilize when they need it most.

For businesses, encouraging employees to download disaster recovery apps helps and enabling access to emergency plans, checklists, and response protocols helps establish a culture of preparedness within your organization. We previously reviewed the app from FEMA and today we’re looking at WISER. This is an app available for download on smart phones such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry plus Windows PCs and iPod touch.

WISER is a database which provides information on biological, chemical, and radiological threats. This is a great app for anyone looking to support an existing emergency response infrastructure as it “assists first responders in hazardous material incidents” such as HAZMAT specialists and EMS personnel.

For those not in the emergency management field, this might not be the most useful app to assist in disaster planning. The design is a bit difficult to navigate; yet, the quality of the information for each threat is excellent, providing everything you would need to know in a HAZMAT scenario from treatments, to distancing and evacuation. However, this amount of detail makes the app quite cumbersome. It may be more information than an everyday user can handle.

Usability 3/5
Content 5/5
Organization 1/5
Real World Scenario Benefits 3/5
Overall 3/5

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Marlia Fontaine-Weisse is the Content Manager for Preparis.