A manhunt is underway for the terrorist who detonated a homemade bomb on the District Line train at Parsons Green Station in London at 8:20 am, during Friday morning rush hour. At least 22 people were injured and as a result of the explosion, which is the fifth terrorist attack in Britain this year.  The explosive device was identified as a plastic white bucket that was inside a grocery bag with flames and what appeared to be wires and a timer. This is not the first time that the London Underground has been a target for attacks. Back in 2005, 52 people were killed and hundreds others were injured when suicide bombers blew themselves up on three subway trains.

Terrorism continues to be a major issue for not only Britain, but many other countries as well and unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the amount of terrorist attacks will diminish anytime soon. With that being said, individuals and businesses need to hope for the best and prepare for the worst as we continue to be faced with these acts of violence. I realize that preparing for a terror attack is not something anyone wants to think about, let alone prepare for one. However, it could happen to any business and the only thing worse than preparing for an attack is having one happen and not having a plan in place.


Preparing Your Business for a Terrorist Attack


No matter how much you want to think “that will never happen to me,” there’s no way to know that for sure. Preparing your business for a terrorist attack is the only way to ensure that if an attack happens, your employees will have a better chance of remaining safe. However, due to the unexpected nature of terrorist attacks, many businesses find it difficult to understand how they are supposed to prepare for one. 

Here are 3 tips for mitigating stress during and after a terrorist incident:


  1. Implement an Emergency Notification System

If your company does not have an emergency notification system, then you are missing out. Plain and simple. Emergency notification will dramatically improve communication during incidents, regardless of how big or small the situation might be. Terrorist attacks create mass chaos and confusion. It can be challenging for business owners to keep up with whether or not employees were hurt during the attack when everyone is going in a million different directions. Emergency notification provides the option to alert, update and find whether or not your employees are safe during and after an incident. With Preparis’ emergency notification system, business owners hold the ability to send out a text to all employees asking if they are “ok” or “not ok.” Employees are then able to quickly respond indicating their status.

  1. Have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Make sure that your business has an <emergency action plan> that actually works and is up to date. Your EAP should include contact information for all employees, as well as their emergency contact information, evacuation routes and how to shelter in place, the location of all utility shutoffs, and a Fire Prevention Plan (FPP). It’s also important that your employees know that the business does have an EAP and have a clear understanding of how to utilize the EAP during an emergency. To read more on how to build an EAP that will help ensure the safety of your business, click here.

  1. Employee Training

The number one way to ensure that your employees are safe during a terrorist attack, or any type of incident for that matter, is to provide them with adequate training. In movies you often see people freeze during an exceptionally stressful situation and we are all wondering “why do they do that?” It’s not just movies, it’s in real life too. When people don’t know what to do, they freeze. By training your employees on how to handle specific situations, they will know how to properly respond and will be less likely to get injured. Preparis offers a wide array of online training, checklists and tabletop exercises to help you educate your employees on how to respond to emergency situations, such as terrorist attacks. To learn more about the trainings offered by Preparis, click here.


Prepare with Preparis


Trying to figure out where to start when preparing your business for a terrorist attack, or any unexpected incident, can be extremely stressful. At Preparis, we understand that this is a confusing and time-consuming task and not every business owner has time to sit down and figure out where to begin. That’s why Preparis offers a wide array of business continuity and life safety services dedicated to ensuring your company remains compliant and safe.

To learn more about Preparis and the services that we have to offer, click here.


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