Judges GavelLaw firms are becoming increasingly aware of the interest cyber criminals are paying them. Despite this awareness, roughly 72% of respondents surveyed in a recent study admit their firm has not performed a risk assessment nor calculated the costs associated with a potential cyber breach.  This oversight can lead to expensive ramifications should confidential client data and private firm-related information be leaked.

What can your firm do to mitigate risks to your cybersecurity? Follow these tips:

1.  Plan for a cyber-related incident.

To truly prepare for a cyber-attack, ensure your firm has an incident management plan in place. This plan should include steps to manage impacts to your operations, manage client and vender communications, and coordinate associate support. If your firm does not have an incident management plan, Preparis can help!

2.  Educate associates and exercise plans.

The entire firm should know what to do during an incident. Education should be a priority to ensure associates can recognize the signs of a cyber-attack and take the right course of action if an attack is suspected. Exercising your plans on a regular basis will help educate as well as provide opportunities to improve your processes.

Preparis customers can access their Portal for educational tools covering a wide range cyber threats. Don’t have a Preparis Portal? Contact us to learn how you can get access.

3.  Keep software up-to-date and perform regular assessments.

Sure, cyber criminals are getting smarter every day and finding new ways to hack systems. However, one of the best ways to make their jobs more difficult is keeping your systems up-to-date. This includes anti-virus and anti-malware software, security patches, and network protection devices. Additionally, a regular review of your vulnerabilities will help you identify and overcome risks before they can be exploited. Preparis has a full information security offering that helps you assess your cybersecurity program.

Tuesday, March 10th at 2pm, Preparis X-Force cybersecurity expert Kevin Beaver is hosting a webinar discussing cybersecurity for law firms. Stay tuned for details, or visit www.preparis.com for more information on business continuity.