Historic flooding brought the southwestern region of the United States to a screeching halt on Monday. An area with sporadic rainfall, certain places in the southwest were surprised to have seen more rain in one day than they have in June, July, and August combined. The rare mix of monsoon rains and the leftovers of Hurricane Norbert have left businesses and residents alike stunned at the power of several inches of rain.

With states like California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah all being affected, it is a fair assessment to say that some people were unprepared for the level of devastation that the floods caused–the events claimed the lives of two women as well as left dozens of drivers stranded on flooded highways.

While flood safety seems to be an easy component to overlook in your emergency preparedness plans, it is imperative that you do not. Floods cause more property damage than any other weather related event, causing 8.3 billion dollars in damage and 89 fatalities a year on average. While you may be at a lower risk of falling victim to a flood, it is important to know that anywhere it rains there is a possibility of flooding. In addition, a flood can happen in the absence of rainfall, for reasons including irresponsible damming and snow melt.

No matter the reason, floods have the ability to wreak havoc on your business in many ways, such as:

1) Property damage: This can occur when flooding causes structural damage making the foundation of buildings weaker.

2) Contamination: This can occur when sewage mixes with the flood water making it extremely dangerous.

3) Health Risks: This is important due to the possibility of drowning even if you can swim.

While these are all very real risks that many people will face in the event of a flood, it is important to know that there are certain precautions you can take to minimize damage and insure employee safety. For more information on flood safety, visit http://www2.preparis.com/checklist-flood to view the Preparis checklist specifically crafted for flood preparedness.

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