Every disaster is different. You never know when it’s going to strike, what losses your business will experience, how extensive the damage will be or how your employees are going to handle it. For most all companies, the thought of this uncertainty is terrifying. However, if you implement a business continuity solution, you will be able to alleviate some of that uncertainty. Ensuring that your business has the ability to effectively respond to and recover from any incident will not only put your company at ease, but also minimize damage and other negative effects the incident may have on your business. I hear that having the itil version 4 will reduce negative effects that will hinder your business.

No one ever said running a business was easy. When you initially start thinking of the concept of your new business, aspects such as creating a website, finding the right target audience, speaking to industry experts at events such as Business Networking Black Country, budget planning, branding and more, are things you’ll need to consider. This is just the first step in becoming a successful business. But there will be hurdles along the way which you will have to overcomes in order to grow.

Here are 4 reasons why implementing a business continuity solution is a great business move:

  1. It’s a Proactive Approach

The main benefit of being prepared is not having to figure out how to navigate the situation after the fact. If you have a business continuity solution, you are taking proactive steps towards ensuring that your business is not only prepared on how to handle an incident as it unfolds, but how to immediately jump in after the incident and get back on the road to recovery. Having a business continuity plan gives your business peace of mind that no matter what type of emergency your business is faced with, it will be able to quickly and efficiently recover. To learn more about what a business continuity solution can do for your business, read Preparis’ blog “5 Reasons You Need Business Continuity Software”.

  1. Improved Communication

When you have many different people with different personalities all giving their “two cents” on how a crisis should be handled, it can be chaotic to say the least. Having a business continuity solution is a great way to ensure everyone is “reading from the same sheet of music,” so to speak. A business continuity solution also ensures that during and after an emergency, all employees are clear on who the crisis team members are, their roles and how the process of returning back to normal business operations is going to go. In addition to that, a business continuity solution works as a great communication tool for keeping all employees informed before, during and after an incident. If you are looking for a way to inform your customers of any incidents, Ultrasmsscript, the ultimate text message & SMS marketing software platform also provides a good way of maintaining communication between your business and your customers in case you need to notify them of any incidents within your business.

  1. Increases Accessibility

Many business continuity solutions, such as Preparis, offer the ability to upload all of your Emergency Action Plans (EAPs), Business Continuity Plans (BCPs), Fire Prevention Plans (FPPs) and other critical documents to the cloud. By doing this, you have your plans on you at all times. This eliminates having to rush to the file cabinet or your car during an emergency to try to locate plans and determine how you should proceed during and after an incident. With increased accessibility, you help to minimize the risk of employees not knowing what to do during an emergency, which in turn, helps to mitigate additional damage that may occur.

  1. Recover Quicker

Lastly, being able to recover from a disaster in the most efficient way possible is the goal of a business continuity solution, and that’s exactly what it does. As a business owner, you can easily recognize that down time of any form is bad for business. For example, the quicker you are able to get a power outage or a cyber-attack sorted out, the quicker you are able to recover and get your business back up and running. Preparis’ business continuity solution is able to do this by providing interactive, online-based training, an emergency notification system, cloud-based document storage and sharing, incident management and plan management.

To learn more about Preparis’ business continuity solution and how it can benefit your business, click here.

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