Property managers are on the front line every day to protect their tenants and assets. Property managers are responsible for the preparedness and safety of large numbers of people, but often in an emergency their response is hampered by out-of-date contact information, untrained tenant floor wardens, and slow methods of emergency notification. Property managers seeing areas in their properties in need of maintenance can go about scheduling the necessary maintenance activities using software like IWMS from Axxerion to do this as well as other things like asset management, finances, and accounting.

A poor emergency response can instantly damage a building or management company’s reputation and impact its revenue. On a side note that relates to this area, before deciding on a company to handle your property management, you need to make sure that they are good enough, because, as previously mentioned, this could bring down reputations. This ponte vedra property management website can inform you of what you should be asking a potential property management company, and how to go about it. Please read on to see how a developing crisis already underway can be helped. As a leading provider of life safety products and services, the Preparis portal has several features designed to help commercial real estate firms prepare for any threat.

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Here are five key tips to consider in your emergency preparedness plans for your building.

1. Training, Training, Training!
Creating a culture of preparedness in a building starts with training property management, and then having property managers train tenants. Having a trained crisis manager to serve as a warden on each floor means dedicating time to educate these individuals on emergency preparedness. Hosting successful tabletop drills, sending out threat checklists, and encouraging tenants and employees to attend free events – such as a webinar on what to do if an active shooter enters your building – will help provide holistic training.

2. Up-to-date Contact Information
It’s critical to regularly update your contact information not just for tenants but for vendors as well. Every month, update the names, phone numbers, and email address for the cleaning crew, construction contractors, security, the building engineers, parking attendants, or even the shoe shiner in the lobby to confirm every person in the building will receive emergency notification in the event of a crisis.

3. Crisis Communication
Once all contact information is updated, load it into one central system where communication can happen instantaneously to all parties. Phone trees or email blasts isn’t enough anymore. A building needs an emergency messaging system with text and email capabilities.

4. Organizing & Managing Different Groups
Delineating responsibilities of tenants, vendors and property managers in an emergency can be a nightmare if there isn’t a plan in place. Take the time to document the different groups who need to understand the emergency procedures – be it a hurricane or an office creeper

5. Document Storage
The tenant handbook has become outdated and most often sits unused in someone’s desk drawer. The Preparis portal ensures critical personnel have electronic access to the plans, wherever they are physically located at a given time. These plans are stored on- and off-site, to ensure accessibility in the event that traditional paper documents are damaged or destroyed. They can be changed as needed instead of having to reprint hundreds of pages for a binder.

Preparis partners with many commercial real estate firms on their emergency preparedness systems, and you can read their testimonial here. To ensure your emergency preparedness plans are up to date, e-mail us at or give us a call at 404.662.2950. Our Services team is here to customize plans to help your business prepare for any crisis. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for daily updates on industry news and events.

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