If your business is looking to start building a comprehensive business continuity program, Preparis is here to help with our 7 Steps To Preparedness eBook and 7 Steps Checklist. The 7 steps concept is a great way to introduce and maintain a culture of preparedness within an organization. The first of the 7 steps is conducting a risk assessment – to be prepared, it is vital for your organization to understand the threats that your locations could face. There are four key perspectives to consider for each of your organization’s locations:

1. Geographical
Location-based threats, which can be natural or man-made. The location of an office near a fault line or a flood zone would increase the threats of hazards stemming from earthquakes and severe weather, for example. Proximity to regional conflict or the value of your city as a target for terrorism would also factor into a geographical assessment.

2. Internal
Threats that stem from the nature of your business or from specific situations that originate inside of your organization. Examining your organization through this lens can show how working in a high-stress work environment or working with valuable or sensitive information can leave your organization vulnerable to new threats. For example, a stressful “busy season” or an organization restructuring involving lay-offs can increase your risk for workplace violence.

3. External
Threats that are precipitated by circumstances beyond your control. A violent group may be protesting a nearby business or government building, causing a significant disruption to your business. Nearby construction or special events (such as the Super Bowl) can open your locations up to threats including from business disruption, industrial accidents, and terrorism.

4. Historical
Examining past threats and disasters in the area in order to understand possible, present, and future threats. This can range from physical threats like a fire at the location to cyberthreats like a security breach. Historical threats can show where an organization has been weak in the past, or predict where criminals may try to take advantage again.

Once you have this data, you can move towards creating a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), which serves as an inventory of functions that would be impacted or lost if an office location became inaccessible and is an important first step in creating business continuity plans. Click here to download the complete 7 Steps To Preparedness eBook. For more information, contact us at info@preparis.com or give us a call at 404.662.2950.Be sure to follow Preparis on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on the latest threats.

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