iStock_000019988830XSmall During and after a crisis, communication is absolutely critical in ensuring employee safety. Your organization must have the ability to communicate with employees, crisis and department team members, and executives in a timely and reliable manner. Whether created in-house or through working with a partner like Preparis, your emergency notification systems should include several features:

  • An emergency notification system should include several methods for send thing the message including SMS text, email, and voice messaging. Maximum redundancy increases the coverage of your message and increases the likelihood that the recipient will see the message.
  •  The system should allow for each office location to send messages locally. Not all emergencies require an organization-wide message. On location crisis leaders need to be able to send a message during a disaster.
  •  Messaging should have two-way capabilities, so that people can respond and those responses can be collected and sorted to prioritize aid. Two way capabilities provide crisis teams with detailed information on the status of employees at a location that can be shared with emergency responders.
  •  Emergency notification systems should be simple and easy to use, requiring no prior training. During a crisis, even a properly trained individual may have trouble working an advanced complex communication system. The messaging system should be simple and intuitive, with little chance of user error.
  •  An emergency messaging system is only as good as the data in it. Make sure that your employees’ contact information is up to date and all email addresses and phone numbers are audited frequently.

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