Many offices require employees to have some type of security badge to access their workplace. Airports are no different with workers using their badges to access restricted areas and bypass security checkpoints. According to a report by NBC, around 1,400 of those badges were lost or stolen from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International—the nation’s busiest airport. The report also revealed that badges aren’t the only items that turn up missing at airports. Airline shirts, pilot’s uniforms, and TSA identification were all reported missing by Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport workers over the two year period the investigation was conducted. Officials say that workers at most airports must use their badges along with a PIN and biometric scanning to enter secure areas. However, a stranger with a stolen badge and uniform has a better chance of sneaking into off-limits areas to cause problems because they will blend in. The Hartsfield-Jackson airport alone has almost 60,000 employees, but a situation like this could occur at an office of any size. Unknown individuals can gain access to your building by trying to blend in and leave with valuables without anyone noticing. The following steps can help you prevent an office creeper situation:

  1. Get to know the people who work in your building. The easiest way to detect a creeper is to know who is normally in the building.
  2. Know where visitors are and are not allowed in your building unaccompanied.
  3. A security desk at the building entrance can be a deterrent.
  4. Abide by a strict visitation policy that requires visitors to register at the front desk and wear identification.
  5. Do not share access codes or keys with others. Notify security if your keys go missing.
  6. Keep personal valuables locked up.
  7. Keep coat racks and hangers away from entryways.
  8. Use security cables to fasten laptops to sturdy immovable objects.
  9. When the office is empty, make sure to keep the door locked and telephone ringers off.

Click here to download a complete Office Creeper checklist that provides you with additional information on how to respond to any creepers in your building. To learn more on how Preparis can help you prepare for a number of threats to your workplace, email us at

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