Grace Mendzef
Marketing Coordinator

Free Active Shooter Preparedness Webinar with Tabletop Training to be Hosted by Preparis

ATLANTA, GA – November 29, 2018 – Emergency Messaging and incident management software and services provider, Preparis, today announced they will be hosting an active shooter preparedness webinar on Thursday December 6th at 2pm EST.  The webinar will include a tabletop training demonstration which incorporates all aspects of an active shooter situation, from pre-incident training and preparation to post-incident response.

“With active shooter incidents on the rise, it is crucial for organizations to ensure each individual in their workforce understands his or her role and responsibility before, during, and after an incident in order to protect lives,” said Charles Pearson, CEO at Preparis. “Our comprehensive training courses and tabletop exercises provide your personnel with expert commentary and content, so they are prepared and ready to handle an active shooter situation, or other disruptive or critical event.”

Preparis’ tabletop training exercises provide an opportunity for participants to learn as a team and build both familiarity with the process as well as their individual role. These exercises also help to identify any deficiencies that may exist, while enabling the coordination of emergency response and recovery of the company’s operations. This critical process allows the organization to evaluate its resiliency and plan effectiveness by exposing any further gaps that may exist while allowing the team to mitigate exposure before a real-life incident occurs.

The free webinar, “Active Shooter Tabletop Exercise,” will take place on Thursday December 6th at 2pm EST. To register, visit To view more webinars on active shooters and other important topics, visit

Preparis’ comprehensive cloud-based platform, which includes emergency messaging, training and testing, and incident reporting, enables organizations to manage their entire business continuity program from any device. From active shooter, to natural disaster, to cyber-breach, Preparis offers plans and threat specific resources. For more information, visit



Preparis is an all-in-one emergency messaging and incident management solution that helps businesses protect their people, operations, and brand while meeting regulatory requirements. The company’s unique combination of technology and services makes creating and maintaining business continuity and emergency preparedness programs easy. For more information about Preparis, please visit or call (855) 447-3750.