If you’ve listened to the news over the past few months, I’m willing to bet you’ve heard about at least one active shooter incident. Unfortunately, these events have become far to common. To best ensure workforce safety, organizations should be actively training and testing on their awareness and preparedness plans. Are you?

Last week, Preparis hosted an active shooter tabletop exercise webinar in which the goal was show how to improve coordination within the organization should an active shooter situation take place, assess emergency communications, exercise preparedness plans, and build awareness and readiness. If you would like to view a recording of the webinar, you can watch it here.

Preparis asked the 400 webinar participants, “When was the last time you conducted an active shooter awareness training or drill at your organization?” We found that only 29% had tested their plans in the past 6 months, while 49% have never tested their plans.

If you watch the webinar recording, you will also find out:

  • 50% of all active shooter incidents in 2017 occurred in an environment related to commerce, with places of education and houses of worship following closely behind.
  • 46% of the attackers were currently or previously employed by the organization.
  • The primary cause of workplace violence is domestic situations that spill over into the workplace.

While these stats are alarming, there are things you can be doing at your organization to plan and prepare for an incident like this, so you can protect your people and get back to business as usual with as little downtime as possible.

Here are some important steps in preparing your organization:

  • Establish a partnership with local law enforcement and first responders.
  • Implement an action plan that addresses active shooter scenarios.
  • Designate at least one “safe room” (two recommended) on each floor and ensure everyone is aware of the locations.
  • Conduct awareness training for personnel to ensure everyone recognizes and understands the warning signs of potential violence.
  • Test and drill on your plans.
  • And remember, if you see something, say something.

The best way to protect your workforce is to plan your response ahead of an incident. This not only builds awareness but allows you to train and test on your plans to determine if there are any gaps or vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.

If you would like more information on active shooters or need help with conducting an active shooter tabletop exercise at your organization, click here.


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