The Netherlands, Germany, and now the United Kingdom have confirmed cases of the avian flu strain H5N8. This particular strain is not the same as the fatal H5N1 that has led to hundreds of human deaths; as of right now, there is little risk to public health. International protocols for destruction of the infected birds and the quarantine of the immediate areas have been implemented. Other poultry organizations in neighboring countries are on high alert to ensure no further spread takes place. To learn more, visit the Avian Flu page of The Poultry Site.

Although health officials state that the probability of H5N8 spreading to humans is low, your portal has several resources regarding the H5N1 outbreak of 2003 you can review should you want to begin planning next steps. Visit the Avian Flu page located under the Health tab in the Threats section of portal or contact your Client Services representative for more information.

Marlia Fontaine-Weisse is the Content Manager for Preparis.