In less than a week, at least 16 flights have been disrupted due to bomb threats initiated on Twitter. Most recently, an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles landed safely in Chicago after a tweet claiming to be from ISIS stated there was a bomb on board. This follows a weekend in which two flights headed to Atlanta were escorted to their landing by military F-16 fighter jets after bomb threats were tweeted to the airlines.

Authorities took each situation seriously and every plane, passenger, and piece of luggage was thoroughly searched upon landing. In the two cases mentioned, and the others that have taken place over the past few days, nothing dangerous was found.

These situations demonstrate how bomb threats have evolved. These new offenders no longer call in the threat, but post it on social media. It is important to be aware of the fact that bomb threats and other threats to your company can take on new forms. As technology and social media continue to advance, the threats associated with them will also advance.

Although airplanes have been the targets of recent bomb threat situations, there is the possibility it could happen at your workplace. While a majority of bomb threats are hoaxes, it is still important to treat each one as if it is real. If a bomb threat is called in or tweeted to your company, assume there is a real device that could be detonated and follow these steps:

  • Do not use cell phones, which could trigger a device.
  • Take your personal belongings with you if you evacuate.
  • Do not use assembly points that are fewer than 300 feet away from your building or close to parking lots or garages—the device could be in a vehicle.
  • Do not re-enter the building or try to access your vehicle until authorities have given the all clear.

Take the time to review the Bomb Threat section of your portal, as well as the Social Media Threats section to stay informed of the evolving risks to your company. For additional information, contact your Client Services representative.

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