Click here to download the Preparis case study Business Continuity Throughout Superstorm Sandy

Click here to download the case study “Business Continuity Throughout Superstorm Sandy”

Superstorm Sandy left millions of people without power and caused billions of dollars in damage. However, many businesses were able to weather the storm because of the planning and preparation their core business continuity teams did before Sandy slammed into New York City. There are several fantastic stories of how companies survived and thrived during this incidents.

Here are a few examples from BC program managers at law firms such as Alston & Bird, Fried Frank, and Wilmer Hale who have shared – in their own words – the best practices they employed to mitigate the risks they faced. You can download Business Continuity Throughout Superstorm Sandy here.

A few of the topics covered in this case study include:

Plan your command-and-control structure before an incident so when a crisis happens, all the BC team members know their roles and responsibilities and are empowered to make a decision.

Use an emergency notification system to send two-way communications via text, voice, and SMS messages to everyone in your organization, and the importance of having premade templates for communications to send before, during, and after the incident.

Get executive buy-in for your business continuity program from a c-level stakeholder, as this leader can help develop a culture of preparedness within your organization.
Have cloud-based document storage to access contact lists, emergency plans, essential files, and other critical documents to continue operations.

Train and develop your crisis team using online training through a threat-based knowledge center, practicing, tabletop drills and doing full-scale exercises with the crisis teams from all of your company’s locations.

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