Disaster Preparedness Industry Expert Presents Interactive Webinar for Crisis Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Atlanta, Ga. – Aug. 1, 2012 – Preparis, an innovative emergency and disaster preparedness company based in Atlanta, Ga., recently launched a free financial business continuity webinar for business leaders and decision makers in July 2012.

The webinar, entitled “New Trends in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Financial Services,” addressed the ever-changing trends, standards, regulations and technologies that affect how financial services organizations prepare, plan and recover from disasters. Industry expert Gary Owen led the webinar to teach attendees how to leverage these changes to better plan and mitigate risks.

Owen is the CEO and founder of CaER Systems, a consulting firm that assists financial services institutions, such as banks, credit unions and insurance companies, with business continuity, disaster preparedness and crisis recovery planning. During the interactive business continuity webinar and extended question and answer session, Owen explained an overview of two new technologies that can be leveraged for crisis recovery, strategies for implementing mobile computing and network attached storage, and how to effectively comply with the ISO 22301 standard to improve business continuity planning.

“We are pleased to offer a business continuity webinar not only addressing current trends in the financial industry, but explaining how to leverage these changes to better protect your staff, revenue, brand and shareholder value,” said Armistead Whitney, CEO of Preparis. “We recognize how vital it is to implement effective business continuity and disaster recovery plans, particularly when facing limited resources and tight budgets and complying with FFEIC and NCUA regulations. Preparis’ emergency preparedness tools and business continuity solutions helps address all of these stipulations and more.”

For more information about Preparis’ recent financial business continuity webinar, or to learn more about its suite of disaster preparedness, crisis recovery and emergency preparedness tools, please visit www.preparis.com.

About Preparis

Preparis provides the industry’s first subscription-based workforce preparedness platform and certification system that delivers expert information, communications, response protocols and training services to protect businesses and employees from prevalent 21st century threats. The company’s products and services allow businesses to create a crisis management chain of command that trains employees to read, react and recover from any emergency. For more information about Preparis, please visit www.preparis.com.

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