On Sunday, October 1st, a 64 year old Nevada resident opened fire around 10:08 pm from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, during the third night of the Route 91 Harvest Festival (a country music festival) while singer, Jason Aldean was on stage. The shooting quickly became known as the deadliest massacre in U.S. history, killing at least 59 and injuring more than 500. Nearby hotels were put on lockdown by officials as a security precaution, though it is thought that the suspect acted alone. The suspect’s motive is not known at this time, however it is not believed to be an act of terrorism.


Preparing for a Mass Shooting 

With acts of violence like this mass shooting becoming a major issue all across the world, it’s important for businesses and individuals to be prepared for any unexpected incident, including that of an active shooter. It’s not something that anyone wants to have to prepare for, but the fact remains that it is a potential threat to all businesses and being prepared is the only way to reduce your risk of injuries. While it’s challenging to mitigate the risk of an active shooter all together, businesses are able to ensure their employees know the proper way to respond to a situation by implementing training. In addition, heightening your business’ security measures and emergency plans can make employees, customers, tenants, etc. feel safer.

Here are a few ways to prepare your business for an active shooter:

  • Increase security and have ample emergency exits. Security cameras, metal detectors, implementing a “clear bag” policy at sports and entertainment venues, access key cards for offices and buildings, and hiring extra security patrol for the surrounding area are a few ways to increase security for businesses. In addition, having an ample amount of emergency exits is crucial for active shooter situations. In the case of the Route 91 Harvest Festival, the concert area was fenced off to ensure nobody could get in, however it also made it difficult for people to escape during the attack. With the Preparis Mobile App, users are able to initiate an incident and quickly alert the designated crisis team member for that location, as well as include pictures and attachments in your incident report. In addition, the Preparis Mobile App utilizes location mapping and geofencing to send messages by targeted geographic regions during an emergency. This allows businesses to quickly alert employees, tenants or customers who may be impacted by the incident.
  • Implement an emergency notification system – By implementing an emergency notification system, businesses will be able to quickly send out alerts to their employees, tenants or clients in order to notify them of an incident. With Preparis’ emergency messaging and incident management system, employees can also respond to the message indicating whether or not they are “ok” or “not ok.” This allows businesses to keep track of employees and have a better idea of who might be missing during an incident.
  • Keep your Emergency Action Plan (EAP) updated. Making sure that your business’ EAP is up to date is an important part of ensuring the safety of not only your employees, but anyone who enters your business as well. If your EAP is not updated with the correct floor plans, evacuation routes, or contact information, then you do not have an actionable EAP. Failure to update your EAP can result in confusion during an emergency if the evacuation route or meetup location has changed, as well as difficulties contacting employees’ families if the emergency contact information is not up to date. It is good practice to look over your EAP annually to ensure there is no outdated information.  To learn more on how you can build an EAP that does more than meet the minimum requirement, click here.
  • Train your employees. Every business should be training their employees on how to respond to emergency situations. Whether that emergency be a power outage, a fire or an active shooter, by training your employees you make emergency situations easier to mitigate and lower the chance of employees “freezing up” during an emergency. If your employees are more confident in how to handle an emergency situation, then customers will be too. Preparis offers a wide array of interactive, online-based training on workplace violence, natural disasters, cybersecurity and more. To learn more about the trainings offered by Preparis, click here. To learn more about the other resources such as tabletop exercises and checklists offered by Preparis, click here.


Prepare Your Business with Preparis

No matter what type of situation your business finds itself in, Preparis is ready to help you prepare for and respond to that incident with ease. As a leader in emergency notification and business continuity solutions, Preparis is able to dedicate time and give your business the attention that it deserves in order to ensure that your company isn’t just compliant, but that it is safe as well.

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