Does your company have Organization Resilience?

In other words, do you think your organization would be able to withstand dramatic impacts and still function? In this scenario, we are not talking about minor impacts, but major incidents such as, loss of a facility, loss or failure of information technology, loss of third-party service or product provider, a reduced workforce, or a reputational event.

Typically, there is a “disconnect of confidence” between levels in the organization regarding their ability to recover facilities, systems, and operations within specified time objectives. Recently, we posed four questions on this topic to more than 100 of C-level executives and IT professionals that joined us for a webinar. We were pleased to see that many of the organizations had confidence in their readiness and have already implemented programs. 

  1. Do You Have a Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) programs?
  • 78% had both BC and DR
  • 11% only BC
  • 9% only DR
  • 2% neither


  1. Do you require 3rd party vendor assessments?
  • 61% require
  • 39% do not require


  1. When was the last time you conducted a Business Impact Analysis?
  • 32% the past 6 months
  • 33% the past year
  • 29% it has been over a year
  • 6% never


  1. How confident are you in your ability to recover systems within time objectives?
  • 33% very confident
  • 53% somewhat confident
  • 14% not confident


While these results were encouraging, all organizations are not in the same situation. We encourage organizations of all sizes to focus their efforts on reducing business impacts and develop a resilient business plan to keep your workforce safe and the business running. Specifically, start with conducting a Business Impact Analysis to: identify business units, understand critical applications and processes, formulate a Recovery Time Objective (RTO), and build a comprehensive Business Continuity (BC) plan.

If you need help with organization resiliency, we can help.

Preparis has technology to show how ready your organization is to respond to and recover from a disruptive incident or audit. We enable your team to create and maintain plans through setting tasks and executive reporting, while allowing you to manage all items necessary to make sure your plans are compliant and up-to-date. Once developed, you can quickly produce and distribute plans and other critical documents for business continuity, information security, disaster recovery, and more.

To learn more, click here to setup a demo and you can see how to achieve organizational resilience.

To view the recent webinar, “Organizational Resilience: From Crisis to Recovery,” click here.