button1_finalOctober is known for many things, but for those involved with business continuity, it is celebrated as National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). This year’s theme—Our Shared Responsibility—underscores the importance of taking ownership of our actions to increase our cyber awareness and improve practices to mitigate risks. Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in collaboration with the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), National Cyber Security Awareness Month is an annual reminder of the need to take an active role in preparing for cyber threats. This includes enlisting the likes of Alpine Security. Here, we’ve listed a few ways your organization can get involved. Promote NCSAM

  • Send an email to business contacts encouraging them to review their own policies in light of National Cyber Security Awareness Month.
  • Hang posters and share tips around the office and your community about how individuals can protect personal information. Don’t forget to look into vpn reviews. Vpn’s can really improve your businesses cyber security.
  • Use the hashtag #CyberAware on social media sites when sharing safety tips and reminders. Download these post templates from the NCSA for assistance.
  • Become a NCSAM Champion and join over 400 universities, colleges, businesses, government agencies, and associations who show their support.

Assess Your Cybersecurity Program

  • Update your operating systems, browsers, and other critical software.
  • Review and update your cybersecurity policies.
  • Hold a Lunch and Learn with all personnel to discuss cybersecurity and acceptable use policies.
  • Provide information security training company-wide.
  • Evaluate third party vendors to ensure continuity of your services even when critical vendors’ services are unavailable.

Join the Conversation

  • Participate in the weekly National Cyber Security Awareness Month Twitter Chat series on Thursdays in October at 3pm PDT using the hashtag #ChatSTC.
  • Register for part 2 of the Business Continuity Topics & Trends for Financial Services webinar series, Cybersecurity & Disaster Recovery, on Thursday, October 22nd, at 2pm EDT to join Preparis CEO Armistead Whitney and information technology expert Mark McKinney as they discuss key things you should be doing to mitigate risks.

Cyber awareness is something we should all strive to improve regardless of the month. This is just as true for businesses, as they have a huge amount of information and interests to protect. Consequentially, it would be foolish for businesses to ignore providers of IT Support, that can assist them in doing this. If you would like help devising and implementing a robust cybersecurity program within your organization complete with plans, penetration testing, and employee training, visit www.preparis.com or email us at info@preparis.com.

Marlia Fontaine-Weisse is the Content Manager for Preparis.