Grace Mendzef
Marketing Coordinator

Preparis Adds Bi-directional Desktop Notifications to Emergency Messaging Platform for Incident Management

ATLANTA, GA – January 9, 2019 – Emergency messaging and incident management software and services provider, Preparis, today announced a software release that includes the option to send notifications to a user’s desktop. The new Preparis Desktop Alert Application enables organizations to send mass bi-directional alerts to their workforce via a persistent application installed on the user’s desktop or laptop. This new communication channel augments Preparis’ existing notification methods that include SMS text, voice, email, and push.

“Having multiple channels to quickly communicate with your team is crucial, especially during emergency situations,” said Charles Pearson, CEO at Preparis. “Sending notifications directly to the desktop reduces the chance of an alert being missed or ignored, thus protecting the workforce from danger and keeping them informed during business disruptions.”

Team members can configure alerts by urgency, choosing between three different notification types:

  • Alert – Displays a full screen notification and the user must respond in order to dismiss the alert.
  • Warning – Displays a notification covering 2/3 of the user’s screen and the user can either respond or close the notification.
  • Information – Displays a notification at the bottom right of a user’s screen and the user can either open to read more or close the notification to hide it.

In addition, users can select a notification sound to go with each corresponding notification type or opt to “send silently.”

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