On January 13th, Hawaii residents received a big scare when an emergency alert was sent to phones all across the islands stating, “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” Thankfully, this was chalked up to an accidental button press during a shift change and was a false alarm, however recipients of the notification did not receive an “all-clear” message until hours later. Despite this sparking concern about the effectiveness of emergency notification with recipients, it’s important to remember that like all technology, there can occasionally be a flaw (especially in this case where human error is involved), but that should not deter you away from emergency notification, as it has many benefits.

Emergency notification is a crucial part of protecting your business and employees. Here are a few reasons why an emergency notification system is imperative for every business to have:

  1. Quick and Efficient Communication – To ensure that your business is able to quickly and efficiently communicate with employees, visitors, tenants, students, etc., you should invest in a good emergency notification system. Having this gives you the ability to quickly let people know what is happening. In the instance of the Hawaii missile false alarm, many people have been fixated on the fact that it was a false alarm, however, look at how quickly the emergency notification system was able to alert the whole island. People immediately began seeking shelter and taking action. This is exactly what you would want if it were a true emergency.
  2. Manage the Safety of Employees – Some emergency notification systems, such as the one offered by Preparis, have the ability to allow those who receive the message to quickly respond back to the alert and indicate whether or not they are “ok” or “not ok.” Having the ability to easily keep up with the status of recipients makes emergency situations less stressful and helps to ensure those who are in danger are able to get the assistance they need sooner rather than later.
  3. Keeps Everyone on the Same Page – With emergency notification, you don’t have to worry about recipients being unsure of what steps they should take, because you can send those out with the initial notification. For example, with the Hawaii missile notification, it included, “SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER.” The message about what was happening and what to do was clear and concise.

Emergency notification brings many positives to your business and in order to ensure the safety of you, your business and your employees, it’s a crucial part of both emergency preparedness and business continuity. Having the ability to quickly communicate with employees, manage their safety and keep everyone on the same page is priceless.

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