It’s no question that emergency notification is important for large businesses with many employees, but what about small businesses that have fewer than 25 employees? Do they still need an emergency notification system? At first glance, it might seem un-necessary, after all, you could easily shout and tell everyone what’s going on. However, having an emergency notification system is still necessary for businesses of all sizes.

The purpose of emergency notification is to provide quick, reliable and efficient contact with employees. In fact, not having one can put your office at serious risk. 

Here’s an example:
Say you have an office of 20 employees, but a couple employees have gone to lunch. While they are away, there’s an active shooter in the office. Because it’s such a high-stress situation and everyone is a bit frazzled, you might not notice who is in the office and who isn’t. After all, everyone is sheltering in place. When the employees return from lunch, they will have no idea what they are walking into because no alert went out indicating what was happening at the office. If you have a notification system in place, you would be able to quickly send out an emergency message stating,  “Active shooter in the building – Shelter in place,” alerting  ALL employees of the situation.

Here are a few other reasons emergency notification systems are crucial for small offices:

  • Reliability – With emergency notification systems, you are able to feel confident that the emergency alerts that you are sending out are getting to your employees promptly. With Preparis’ emergency notification system, you are able to alert your employees via voice, text, email and push notification delivery services.
  • Convenience – When you are in the middle of a full blown crisis, the last thing you have time to do is type out 20 individual “Active shooter in building – Shelter in place” texts, hoping you don’t forget anyone, send them out and follow up those texts up with 20 individual phone calls. Many emergency notification systems, such as the one offered by Preparis, have pre-set templates which allow you to quickly select a message based on the type of incident it is and send it out to all relevant individuals.
  • Peace of Mind – Like many emergency notification systems, Preparis offers a two-way emergency notification system that allows the recipient to respond back indicating whether they are “ok” or “not ok.” Even though 20 people doesn’t seem like many people to keep up with, it is. Especially during a crisis. Knowing that your employees are safe is priceless.

To learn more about emergency notification systems and what you should look for when implementing one, read Preparis’ blog, “5 Key Components of a Good Emergency Notification System.”

Download Preparis’ Emergency Communication whitepaper, click here.