Early Friday morning, a massive fire broke out at GE Consumer & Industrial headquarters in Louisville, KY. Building 6, one of the 15 buildings that make up the 1000-acre park, is considered a total loss, as the entire building has collapsed. As of now, the cause of the fire is unknown.

Despite the size of the fire, “all employees are accounted for and safe,” says Jody Duncan, spokesperson for MetroSafe. This positive outcome is the result of a quick, efficient evacuation.

With proper training and education, you, too, can increase your chances of a positive result in case of a fire in your building. Click the image below to download the Fire Evacuation Checklist or visit the Workplace Threats section of your portal to learn more.


For more information on ways you and your company can increase your preparedness, contact your Client Services representative.

Marlia Fontaine-Weisse is the Content Manager for Preparis.