Extreme thunderstorms have bombarded much of the Midwest and Northeast this week, carrying with them devastating winds, rainfall, hail, and tornadoes.  While evidence of the current hurricane season continues to produce damaging weather, it is important that everyone takes the appropriate steps to protect lives and property. Not only should this preparation include ways to combat severe storms; it should also include measures to prepare for, respond to, and overcome secondary weather-related threats.Life Safety, BOMA, property manager, flooding

As a building owner or property manager, you should work to ensure that your tenants are prepared for severe weather and its aftermath. Part of that task can include providing your tenants with the relevant information they need to combat the effects of a storm ahead of time, but it can also mean alerting them to immediate dangers in the midst of a storm.

Click the image to download our free case study, “Building a Better Life Safety Plan,” to see just how important it is for property managers to have a means to communicate with their tenants at a moment’s notice.

One of the most damage-causing weather-related events in the United States is flooding, making it one of the primary natural disasters property managers and building owners should prepare their tenants for.

Click here to download your copy of the free checklist, “Responding to Floods.” You can share this informative checklist with your tenants so they know exactly what to do if severe weather has the potential to bring flooding.

Highlights of this free checklist include:

  • Know the difference between a flood watch and a flood warning.
  • Make sure you have an emergency kit prepared.
  • Review your evacuation routes and the location of shelters in your community.

Your buildings’ risk thresholds are always being challenged by the uncertainty of events from natural disasters like severe weather to workplace violence and civil unrest. As the leading technology provider of life safety programs for buildings, Preparis can help drive actionable programs that empower your staff and tenants to help establish your building’s operational resiliency, improve tenant retention, and increase brand differentiation.

If you are attending the BOMA Every Building Conference and Expo in Los Angeles, California, on June 28-30, be sure to stop by booth #406 to learn more about what Preparis has to offer. For additional information, contact us at info@preparis.com.

Marlia Fontaine-Weisse is the Content Manager for Preparis.