Less than a month ago, a chemical leak at a DuPont plant in La Porte, Texas left four employees dead and one hospitalized. Coincidentally, the FBI recently hosted an exercise in the vicinity to test emergency responders in the event of a chemical attack. The fictional “worst case scenario” took a hazardous waste disposal company through a break-in, a fire, and the theft of a chemical agent that was intentionally released into a waterfront amusement park. The exercise was held in Houston, Texas—just 20 miles west of La Porte. The daylong event helped raise important questions like, “Who has jurisdiction? Who is the lead investigative agency? Who is qualified to appropriately respond?” (FBI worst-case exercise tests response to chemical attack)

While the events that took place were not real, it serves as a reminder that the scenario could become real at any minute. Training and education are key, and your portal is loaded with resources to train employees on how to respond in the event of a chemical leak. Visit the Chemical Spill threat section to learn more.

If you are near a chemical facility, be sure you and your employees are properly trained for any potential chemical related incident. For more information on how you can do so, contact your Client Services representative.

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