In the vacation hotspot surrounding the French Rivera, roughly 12,000 people were evacuated from their homes and hotels as wildfires moved their way closer to the buildings. 3,000 firefighters were deployed to contain the flames. After 4 days, roughly 17,300 acres of trees and vegetation were consumed by the fires. Thankfully, there were no reported casualties, though there have been 37 reported injuries.  


Wildfires Impacts Businesses

With much of the area left damaged from the fires, visitors and tourists will be kept away. This will unfortunately affect the Riviera’s economy, as it heavily relies on tourism as income. Aside from tourism, businesses may find it challenging just to return to normal operations as is. Many of those who evacuated will be unable to return to their homes and have to stay with family, which might not be close by. In addition, many businesses have been completely destroyed. A caravan storage site in Provence felt the impact of the flames, as 200 of the caravans being stored on site were completely destroyed alongside the owner’s home.

By the time it is all said and done, businesses will be experiencing downtime for a lot longer than they had bargained for, especially since those who have been able to return home have been advised that there is a chance that they will be asked to evacuate again.


Preparing For Wildfires

With extreme temperatures and heavy wind, it’s very easy for wildfires to quickly spread and cause mass damage. It might seem like having your business engulfed by flames would never happen and hopefully it won’t, but even if there is a fire in your area, you can still feel the ripple effect and it’s imperative that you ensure that your business is able to not only withstand a fire, but be able to respond to and recover from this type of threat.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your business and employees are safe from any incident. By creating a fully actionable Emergency Action Plan (EAP) that follows the All-Hazards-Approach, you will be able to ensure that no matter what type of incident your business encounters, you and your employees will know how to respond accordingly.

Here are a few ways a fully-actionable EAP can benefit your business in the midst of a wildfire:

  • By including an emergency notification system in your EAP, you will be able to notify employees when it is time to evacuate, as well as account for staff.
  • Tabletop exercises can help management to find flaws in the emergency plan and determine if there need to be any changes to the plan.
  • Including training in your EAP and will help ensure that all employees understand what to do during an emergency and help reduce additional damage caused by confusion.
  • By including contact information for employees, hospitals, fire departments, insurance and building contractors, you will find that not only is it beneficial during a fire, but afterwards as well. The cleanup process can be challenging and having important numbers all in one place can make the process less stressful.


Prepare With Preparis

Since the process of creating an EAP and a Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) can be a daunting task, Preparis has a seasoned team of specialists who are able to help assist you with building a fully-actionable EAP, FPP and Business Continuity Plan (BCP). As an all-in-one business continuity solution, everything your business needs in order to stay prepared is under one roof. This includes assistance creating plans, emergency messaging, incident management, training, and expert advice.

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