While building your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) may seem like the tough part, keeping it updated and relevant can be equally as challenging. However, by following a few simple steps, you might find that it doesn’t have to be so difficult. If you felt like your BCP wasn’t as thorough as you wanted it to be in 2017, here are a few ways that you can improve your plan in 2018:  

  1. Implement a BCP Management Software

If you haven’t already implemented a BCP management software to your business, it is a great way to keep up with everyday tasks and will allow you to easily manage your BCP while saving yourself a lot of time and stress. With Preparis IQ, you are able to not only stay compliant with regulatory requirements, but you are able to have 24/7/365 access to critical plans and documents, regardless of your location. In addition, Preparis iQ gives you the ability to set tasks, assign documents and view readiness reports.

  1. Keep Your Plans Up to Date

Ensuring that your BCPs and Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) remain up to date is one of the best ways to not only ensure that your plans remain compliant with regulatory requirements, but that your business is prepared for and also able to respond to any type of business disruption at the drop of a hat. Over the course of the year, aspects of your business may change that may result in your plans becoming outdated. It is in good practice to review your plans once or twice a year to ensure that there are no gaps in your plans.

  1. Train Employees

While having a BCP alone will bring many positive outcomes to your business, such as remaining compliant with regulatory requirements, if your employees do not fully understand how to utilize the BCP, then you will not get as much out of the plan as you would otherwise. Make sure that your employees know exactly how to respond to specific emergency situations by holding training sessions with your employees to ensure they have a clear understanding of how to efficiently handle an emergency situation. Preparis offers a wide array of training courses on hazards such as natural disasters, workplace violence and cybersecurity.

To learn more on the training courses offered by Preparis, click here.

  1. Test Your Plans

Testing your BCP is another crucial way to improve your plans. If a certain emergency has not occurred, you might not know if your plan is well enough equipped to handle that type of situation. Make sure that your BCP’s current recovery strategy is strong and does not have any gaps by performing frequent tests. In order to determine whether or not your BCP is headed in the right direction, click here to review the various checklists and tabletop exercises offered by Preparis.

By implementing all or even just one of these steps, you can help improve your BCP dramatically throughout the new year, giving you a resilient plan that is able to help keep your business up and running, regardless what type of disaster you may encounter.


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