email security thumbnailEarlier this month, the SEC released a report summarizing its findings from a cybersecurity examination it conducted last year. According to the report, at least 88% of broker dealers and 74% of advisers have been the targets of cyber-attacks. Most of these attacks occurred through fraudulent emails, and in one case an adviser lost more than $75,000.

With numbers like these, it is clear that cybersecurity should be at the top of the list when it comes to protecting your company and its sensitive information. Preparis is here to make sure all of your cybersecurity needs are met. Here are just a few of the information security offerings we provide:

  • Performing vulnerability and penetration tests of your external facing systems and your internal network.
  • Reviewing your existing security policies and plans, security management processes, network architecture diagrams, information handling, and other materials.
  • Providing you with a cloud-based portal that will allow you to house any critical documents, send bi-directional emergency messages in the event of an emergency, and to train your employees on what they can do to avoid a cyber attack.

For more information on what Preparis can do for you and your company, come see us at booth #18 at the IAA Investment Adviser Compliance Conference next week (March 5-6) in Arlington, VA. We will be available to answer your questions on cybersecurity, compliance and more. Can’t make it to the conference? Contact us at for additional information.

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