Updates include at-a-glance dashboards and social integration with Facebook

Preparis, the leading provider of web-based emergency preparedness services, announced today the release of two major enhancements – dynamic reporting and dashboard capabilities and social integration featuring social sign-on with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google.

“Our clients want a single-source view of the overall effectiveness of their emergency preparedness initiatives,” said Cassie Harman, Product Manager at Preparis. “These dynamic dashboards give executives and crisis teams the key information they need to assess their readiness.”

The reporting and dashboard enhancements provide a single place for crisis teams and executives to see an at-a-glance graphical representation of a range of information, from level of crisis certification and threat response training, to emergency notifications across locations and crisis team roles. The dashboard functionality also includes a library of standard reports for deeper analysis and understanding of the readiness of an organization’s emergency and crisis teams.

Preparis has also become the first in the industry to offer social sign-ons using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. These allow users to link their social accounts with their Preparis portal to streamline the login process and eliminate the need to remember another password. “Immediacy and connectivity to emergency and crisis information starts with the ability for users to quickly gain access,” said Kevin O’Malley, Preparis’ Chief Product Officer. “Enabling a fast response in the critical minutes of an incident can make all the difference. Our new social media sign-on capability gives our clients incredible flexibility to quickly access information they need.”

Preparis will continue to emphasize mobile and enterprise social integration for its products, delivering unrivalled integrated emergency notification, crisis training and document sharing solutions.

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