The announcement of the Atlanta Hawks sale over Bruce Levenson’s 2012 email containing derogatory comments proves the importance of an incident management plan. Incident management plans are not only necessary to ensure the safety of employees and continued business operations, they are also helpful in mitigating the potential loss of reputation during any crisis

Wheel3This type of public relations crisis has undoubtedly placed the entire Atlanta Hawks organization under the microscope, but the consequences are wider-reaching than that. With this being the second incident of its kind in the NBA, the entire organization should expect to be scrutinized, and a strategy should be implemented to control the situation.

Would you be prepared if the reputation of your company was on the line? Does your company’s headquarters have an incident management framework in place to handle the firm-wide impact of a local crisis?

If not, here are a handful of items to consider when devising an incident management plan:

  1. What should the response be when communicating with the media?
  2. Who is the official spokesperson in charge of delivering the message?
  3. How should you communicate that message to all employees?

When actually dealing with the media in response to an incident, never speculate or guess, don’t raise issues you don’t want to see on the news, and in no way lie or cloud the truth.

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Marlia Fontaine-Weisse is the Content Manager for Preparis.