Those in the healthcare industry witness the risks of not being prepared on a daily basis. No matter who you are, where you live or how invincible you believe you may be, nobody is immune to a crisis. Healthcare facilities have patients in critical care, important documents with sensitive and private patient records and visitors coming and going all day long, so it is crucial that there is a solid Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place.

What Should My Plans Include?

Though requirements vary depending on the type of facility, most facilities are required to have an EAP and BCP in place that have a plan for all natural and human-caused disasters, a communication plan that is reviewed annually and a system dedicated to keeping track of patients and staff. In addition, all contents within the EAP and BCP must meet federal, state and local regulations.

Training, cloud-based document storage and an emergency notification system are also great ways to help your patients, facility and visitors remain safe during and after an emergency.

What Does HIPAA Require?

According to HIPAA, all healthcare providers are required to have a backup plan that allows them to access data in the event it is lost or the whole facility is destroyed. Due to this requirement, off-site storage and written plans should be created and implemented in order to ensure that the facility is able to bounce back, despite a disaster.

HIPAA doesn’t stop there, though. Regular risk assessments and training are also mandatory for all healthcare facility employees. While the thought of training all of your employees might be daunting, just know that the effort that you put into training employees will not be in vain. During an emergency, people tend to freeze up and freak out. By training employees, you can feel confident that your employees are familiar with the steps and know exactly how to respond to any type of situation. 

Can Preparis Help Prepare My Facility?

Absolutely! Preparis has many customers in the healthcare industry, such as Jackson Healthcare who rely on the Preparis technology to help prepare and protect their facility. Preparis is able to not only provide your business with extraordinary technology, such as the Preparis Portal, Preparis iQ and the Preparis Mobile App, but also assist you with writing your EAP and BCP. Preparis ensures that all of your plans are compliant with HIPAA and other federal, state and local regulations.

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