I’ve been meeting with a lot of executives recently about how mobile phones can be used as an efficient tool to make better decisions during a crisis. Think about your phone – you take it everywhere you go. You may have an iPhone or BlackBerry with apps that are enabling you to do things you’ve never been able to do before without a computer. My iPhone has approximately 30 apps that help me navigate traffic, get breaking news, review my company’s operating metrics, monitor the stock market, and entertain me (when stranded at LaGuardia Airport).

Now what if a company’s entire workforce could use their mobile phones during a crisis? What would be possible with today’s technology? I can think of a few: calling my company’s management team and crisis team at the touch of a button, sending and receiving critical emergency information, finding response protocols on hundreds of threats, accessing my company’s business continuity plans, and getting breaking news and alerts.

In today’s ever-connected, ever-mobile ecosystem, mobile preparedness apps make a lot of sense.

Founder & Board Director