Business executives today are becoming more comfortable turning to cloud-based, SaaS services to solve all types of problems across the enterprise more easily, quickly and cost-effectively than any other approach. Whether it’s a Bookkeeping Melbourne service or payroll, being able to do it all online makes business processes so much easier. Household names such as, Workday and Oracle are delivering more of their products as SaaS to help you increase sales, make employees much more efficient and to better manage countless tasks and processes. What about our industry: business continuity and emergency preparedness? Can companies leverage all the power that the cloud and SaaS has to offer? If not, having Managed IT Services could help you utilize the power of these technologies for your business.
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Yes! Why not? To look ahead, let’s first look to the past. The need for business continuity and emergency preparedness has been around for decades. Before Y2K it was all about installing hardware and software to protect data. After 9/11, many companies wrote business continuity and emergency plans that sat on the shelf.

Today, the cloud is an obvious evolution for business continuity and emergency preparedness by providing things such as:

– Scorecards to assess enterprise risk and vulnerabilities
– Emergency messaging
– Plan development and testing
– Plan storage and access
– Crisis team training
– Threat content and instructions
– Collaboration
– Compliance
– Situational intelligence

Not only can the cloud and SaaS be used to combine all of these things a company needs into one solution, it is far more accessible, cost effective and “living” than all previous methods. Just like outsourcing CRM, marketing automation, HR and payroll, business continuity and emergency preparedness is perfectly suited for the cloud.

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