Spring is a time of change, and that includes the weather. Colder weather is on its way out as warmer weather starts to move in, creating the perfect recipe for severe weather. Severe weather is unpredictable and can hit at any time, so it is crucial to plan ahead. The following list highlights three common spring severe weather events and what you can do to be ready for them. SevereWeatherSnip2

1. Thunderstorms

Spring weather can go from warm and sunny one day to cold and wet the next. Thunderstorms occur when warm, moist air collides with cool, dry air. This is why they are so common in the springtime. Along with heavy rain and lightning, severe thunderstorms can produce threats like hail, strong winds, and tornadoes. In the event of a thunderstorm, seek shelter indoors and avoid using electrical equipment. Wait inside until at least 30 minutes have passed after you hear the last clap of thunder.

2. Tornadoes

Tornadoes often develop rapidly and have the ability to devastate an entire area in a matter of seconds. It would be a smart idea to have someone similar to Hamilton Roofing at hand so you can repair your home as soon as possible after it is been affected by a tornado. Prepare for a tornado by knowing the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. A watch means conditions are favorable for a tornado to form. A warning indicates that a tornado has been spotted or is imminent based on a weather radar. The best place to take shelter when a tornado is near is a windowless, interior room, storm cellar or basement, or the lowest level of the building.

3. Floods

Flooding can be the result of heavy rains, melting snow, ocean waves coming onto shore, or dam or levee breaks. In preparation for a flood, find out if your home or office is located on a flood plain or near any rivers or streams that may overflow. Flash floods can occur within minutes of excessive rainfall, so always know how you will evacuate to higher ground before a flood ensues.

To further assist in your preparedness, we have created an infographic that details these three severe weather events and how you can prepare yourself and your business for their effects. Download the full infographic by clicking on the image above.

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