Click here to register for our Preparing for Active Shooters webinar.

Click here to register for our Preparing for Active Shooters webinar.

In 2013, there have been three incidents of active shooters opening fire in law firms. In January, an attorney in Arizona was shot and killed along with his client. In June, a man was shot getting into his car outside a law firm in North Carolina. Most recently, a disgruntled client fired several rounds at an attorney’s building in Louisiana before taking his own life. But as the world learned again on Sept. 16, even government offices aren’t safe from the threat of an active shooter.

“The tragic Navy yard shooting in Washington D.C. reminds us that there are things companies can do to try to prevent these violent acts. Knowing the behavioral warning signs, and how to address them, is just one of the topics we’ll address in this session,” said Armistead Whitney, CEO of Preparis.

Join Preparis and our X-Force Consultant, Bill Hildebrand, as we discuss the best practices to prevent workplace violence and active shooters at your office. Hildebrand served with the Atlanta Police Department for two decades – including seven years with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – and will share his procedures and protocols for conducting threat assessments on businesses.

“The law office environment is unique in that they regularly deal with clients and litigants who may have been involved in lawsuits or claims that are emotional to the claimant,” Hildebrand stated. “Many are using law firms as a last resort to a grievance process that are potentially emotional in outcome. Violence is sometimes a last ditch ‘get even’ tactic for a disgruntled client or litigant with occupants of a law office being the intended target. With this in mind law offices must practice preventive measures and be prepared to respond to a violent encounter.”

This session will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 1, from 2 to 3 p.m. EST. Topics will include:

– Classifications of workplace violence
– Insights to preparing for active shooters at law firms
– What to do if a shooter enters your building
– How planning and preparation can help protect your employees & brand

All registrants will receive the presentation slides and active shooter tabletop exercise to use as a drill with your crisis management team. Space is limited, so click here to reserve your spot today.