Jonathan Fairtlough will speak about cyber attacks on Preparis webinar.

Jonathan Fairtlough will discuss preparing for a cyber attack.

Preparis is proud to present our 2014 Threat Report Webinar on Feb. 6. In the weeks leading up to this event, we’ll spotlight our all-star panelists who will be speaking on the biggest risks to business continuity. Today, we’re proud to introduce Jonathan Fairtlough: a managing director with Kroll’s Cyber Investigations Practice.

About Jonathan Fairtlough

Mr. Fairtlough joined Kroll after a distinguished career with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office where he served as both a prosecutor and co-founder of the office’s High Technology Division.

During his career Mr. Fairtlough has held a number of positions within the District Attorney’s office and has been involved on many high profile cases, including the first major data breach filed in Los Angeles County.

At Kroll, he leads assignments providing comprehensive investigative services for digital forensics, data breach response, and complex cyber-crimes.

2014 Cyber Threat Predictions

Kroll recently published its 2014 Cyber Threat Forecast (link to Kroll’s release) which “highlights seven trends identified by Kroll and suggests that a changing tide in cyber standards, both social and legal, will require organizations to take stronger actions and safeguards to protect against reputational, financial and legal risks.” These areas include:

  • Preventing insider betrayal – Information technology simply made the betrayer’s job easier. In 2014, a significant number – if not almost half – of data breaches will come at the hands of people on the inside.
  • Preparing for Corporate Audits – With more and more data breaches – from theft of trade secrets to loss of customer information – in the headlines, corporate audit committees are beginning to focus on the connection between cyber security and an organization’s financial well-being…CIOs and IT leadership should prepare accordingly.
  • Technology also requires planning, policies, and protocols – Companies have never had a better opportunity to enhance their existing protocols, and ensure they plug into an overarching business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Webinar attendees for the 2014 Threat Report can expect to learn more about all seven aspects of Kroll’s forecast and additional recommendations for preparing for cyber attacks in 2014. Click here to register now for the Preparis 2014 Threat Report.