PreparisAs a determined entrepreneur, you never know how successful a company will be until you take the leap of faith to just start it. That’s part of the fun and working hard to make customers successful along with having a great team behind you, sets the table for success. 2015 was an awesome year for Preparis.  Not only did we grow our business significantly with some terrific, new customers (you all know who you are!), we also did a lot of listening and added new features and services that customers wanted.

Here are some of Preparis’ accomplishments I’m proud of from 2015:

  • We helped our customers make it through thousands of events and disruptions
  • We doubled year over year sales
  • We had a 105% customer retention rate
  • We emerged as a leader in the financial services market, growing 40%
  • We added new product features and services focusing on cybersecurity
  • We significantly reduced the time it takes to implement a new customer from 90 days to 15 days
  • The majority of our new hires came through referrals from Preparis employees, representing a fantastic culture

What I’m most proud of, is the incredible feedback we receive each day from our customers.  From the way Preparis makes business continuity and cybersecurity easy, to feedback on how much they like working with a Preparis team member, our customers are constantly reminding us what a great team we have. In a year where new threats and risks emerged, our mission has never been more important.  With great customers and a fantastic team of colleagues, anything will be possible in 2016. To see why our customers trust us for their business continuity, cybersecurity, and life safety needs, please visit our website.