Preparis – a leading technology company providing emergency preparedness and business continuity services – released it’s upgraded product featuring an intuitive threat library plus a more dynamic emergency messaging system. With tornado and hurricane season quickly approaching, businesses not only need to be prepared for natural disasters but all potential crises such as explosions, bomb threats, workplace violence and hazardous chemical spills. To make preparing for a crisis easier, Preparis has reorganized its extensive Knowledge Center to provide streamlined, more intuitive access to training content on top threats to businesses’ employees, revenue and brands. Now, a single click will provide the user with all Preparis’ reference material for a threat on one page.

“The new version of our Knowledge Center provides easier access to the threat content which is most important,” said Kevin O’Malley, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Preparis. “We’re offering a more user-friendly experience. We have reorganized our content to provide all the training, checklists and tabletop drills for almost every threat you can think of into one interface.”

Knowledge-CenterPreparis has reinforced the way it organizes the content library with clear threat-category colors and iconography leveraging the latest in interface design. The Preparis Knowledge Center is now more intuitive, delivering information more quickly when businesses need it the most. An emerging, significant threat was also added into the Preparis Knowledge Center, and one which every business needs to prepare for: Cyber Threats.

“We’re pleased we can now offer content on Cyber Threats to our clients to enable them to better align Preparis with their organization’s existing crisis structure and needs,” O’Malley said. “It’s essential for non-IT personnel know what to do when you have a data breach. We will be adding additional content throughout the year on topics surrounding social engineering and data breach and loss.”

Additional elements in the Preparis release include enhancements to the product’s emergency messaging service, group-based functionality, voice message performance, and text-to-speech for notification. “When it comes to responding and recovering from an incident, we know our users wear multiple hats,” O’Malley stated, “which is why we have developed these additional capabilities. This also enables the growing interest from our users to have all their response and recovery team members collaborate on an incident such as Cyber Threats.”

The input for these upgrades came directly from Preparis’ clients and users, something that O’Malley cited as a key aspect to their dedication to continuous improvement to their technology. “Our customers have given us the feedback that immediacy and connectivity are their two primary concerns, and we believe that our strategy will give them the tools to make the best decisions in both responding and recovering from an incident,” O’Malley said.

About Preparis

Preparis provides leading technology and professional services that drive its clients’ business continuity, emergency preparedness and life safety programs. They deliver the industry’s first subscription-based emergency preparedness platform, with a two-way emergency notification system that is simple and easy-to-use in the event of a crisis. The platform also combines expert information, response protocols and employee training, designed to help companies build and maintain a capable crisis response team and recovery teams to streamline communication during a disaster. For more information about using technology for your business continuity program, contact or call at 404.662.2950. Be sure to follow Preparis on Facebook and Twitter plus check back on the blog for more of practical steps to emergency preparedness.

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