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Preparis Plans to Attend DRJ Spring World in Orlando, FL

ATLANTA, GA – March 1, 2018 – Life safety, emergency notification, and business continuity software and services provider, Preparis, has announced they will be attending the DRJ Spring World conference in Orlando, FL from March 25-28 at booth #401.

According to the conference brochure, DRJ is “the premier business continuity resource in the U.S., [and] has the in-depth education and technology to ensure you’re equipped for today’s disruptions and tomorrow’s emerging threats.”

This statement aligns with Preparis’ goal to remain an industry leader in business continuity despite its ever changing landscape. To reach this goal, Preparis is constantly updating their software with new features and functionality to keep up with the demands of consumers and meet regulatory requirements.

Their most recently updated piece of software is Preparis iQ, which gives companies real-time intelligence into their organizational compliance and readiness.

Wade Tucker, Chief Sales Officer at Preparis, is eager to attend the conference, stating, “DRJ is an excellent way to connect with like-minded individuals who are looking to take the necessary steps to protect their business, and more importantly, their people, brand, and operations in the event of an emergency or business disruption.”

DRJ also focuses on businesses being able to “reduce downtime, increase workplace safety, secure data, and reduce overall risk.”

 “Preparis can help with these initiatives as well as ensuring your business meets compliance regulations with business continuity, emergency preparedness, and cybersecurity regulatory bodies, including OSHA, SEC, FDIC, NCUA, FFEIC, HIPAA, and many others,” concluded Tucker.

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About Preparis

Preparis is an all-in-one business continuity and emergency notification solution that helps businesses protect their people, operations and brand while meeting regulatory requirements. The company’s unique combination of technology and services makes creating and maintaining business continuity programs easy. For more information about Preparis, please visit or call (855) 447-3750.

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