Yeti-copyPreparis clients have access to a full library of business continuity and emergency management best practices. Now, visitors to the new can sample more of our training content on our new and improved website. has been updated to make it even easier to train your crisis team, especially with the addition of Preparis University.

The goal of Preparis University is to give examples of ways to educate your team to make the best decisions in an emergency by providing information on the top threats to businesses’ employees, revenue and brands. In light of recent crises, such as the F5 tornado in Oklahoma, businesses not only need to be prepared for natural disasters but all potential crises such as explosions, bomb threats, workplace violence and hazardous chemical spills.

Preparis University provides a glimpse of all the online training content on dozens of threats which is available for our clients in the Preparis portal. Checklists, tabletop drills, and training courses are available in the portal which also comes equipped with two-way emergency notification to send text and email alerts, plus cloud-based document storage.

Also on the new, you’ll find updated pricing information on our technology and consulting services for both businesses and buildings, plus you’ll see more of our Preparis mascot: the Yeti. Yeti represents the ubiquitous and unanticipated threats which can strike a business anytime disrupting operations, curbing revenue, or worse…harming your own employees.

So ask yourself: are you ready for the Yeti? If you think so, check out more of to learn more. Be sure to follow Preparis on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates on the biggest threats to business continuity.

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