When Seconds Count, Everyone Can Automatically Connect with Instant Emergency Conferencing Capabilities

Atlanta, Ga. – Aug. 30, 2012 – Preparis, an innovative emergency preparedness company, releases comprehensive enhancements to its existing suite of disaster preparedness software and services. The enhancements exemplify Preparis’ ongoing commitment to technology developments to meet the ever-changing needs of an effective emergency preparedness system, including emergency notification, mobile accessibility and incident management features.

Driven by users’ desires to have constant communication before, during and after incidents, Preparis is now offering integrated emergency conferencing in the all-in-one emergency preparedness platform, enabling faster response times across crisis teams. With automatic connection, conference call recipients will automatically be dropped into the conference upon answering their phones, and those that don’t answer will receive a voicemail, as well as an SMS text or email invitation with dial-in instructions.

Preparis has also enhanced its product’s mobile accessibility features for tablets and smartphones to make it easier to monitor the status of affected employees. Crisis leaders can now indicate whether employees are safe or need assistance during an emergency by simply updating their status from their computer or mobile device. This information is integrated with emergency notification response data, providing crisis management teams with the most up-to-date emergency preparedness information on the status of personnel during an evacuation or a shelter-in place situation.

Preparis’ disaster preparedness updates also include incident management features for organizations that are seeking increased visibility and reporting capabilities. The new features enable crisis leaders and managers to group emergency messages and conference calls into incidents, which can be analyzed and compared. Users can also streamline responses during rapidly-changing environments, enabling crisis management teams to stay abreast of unexpected situations.

“We are pleased to offer a variety of enhancements to update the existing technologies within our suite of emergency preparedness and crisis recovery services,” said Armistead Whitney, CEO of Preparis. “We recognize the absolute necessity of maintaining the most up-to-date emergency notification and management services possible. Each enhancement is designed to simplify and streamline crisis management systems, ensuring that organizations have the disaster preparedness tools necessary to manage and recover from a crisis with speed and ease.”

For more information about Preparis’ product enhancements and updates, or to learn more about its suite of disaster preparedness, crisis recovery and emergency preparedness tools, please visit www.preparis.com.

About Preparis

Preparis provides the industry’s first subscription-based emergency preparedness platform, with a two-way emergency notification system that is simple and easy-to-use in the event of a crisis. The platform also combines expert information, response protocols and employee training, designed to help companies build and maintain a capable crisis team to streamline communication during a disaster. For more information about Preparis, please visit www.preparis.com.

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