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Preparis Launches New Mobile Application

ATLANTA, GA – August 10, 2017 – Preparis, a business continuity and emergency notification software and services provider, announced they will be releasing the Preparis Mobile App tomorrow.

The app allows users to manage an incident quickly and easily by helping to keep employees safe and informed in case of an incident. Available for Android and iOS devices, the app will work in conjunction with the user’s current Preparis Portal.

Features on the Preparis Mobile App include the ability to receive and respond to emergency push notifications as well as location capture and geofencing.

The emergency push notification feature is a reliable way to send and receive messages. Since the app does not have to be open in order to receive a push notification, Preparis says people receiving the notification are more likely to see it versus a traditional email.

The app also features user initiated messaging. With user initiated messaging, mobile users can report an incident and include an attachment if needed.

“Being able to include a picture with an incident alerts crisis team members in the vicinity to be aware of the disturbance and what they need to report to others,” said Charles Pearson, CEO at Preparis.

Included in user initiated messaging is bidirectional messaging functionality which Tucker says is key during a crisis situation. The quick response feature will allow users to swipe right on the notification in order to respond “ok” or “not ok.”

“Communicating with the appropriate team members associated with an incident in a matter of seconds is the best way to ensure employee safety and get your business back to operations as usual with as little down time as possible,” said Wade Tucker, Chief Sales Officer at Preparis.

The Preparis Mobile App will be available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store on Friday August 11th. If you would like more information about the Preparis Mobile App, contact or visit


About Preparis

Preparis is an all-in-one business continuity and emergency notification solution that helps businesses protect their people, operations and brand while meeting regulatory requirements. The company’s unique combination of technology and services makes creating and maintaining business continuity programs easy. For more information about Preparis, please visit or call (855) 447-3750.


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