Preparis recently learned a new meaning for Yeti Ready, when select members from the company teamed up help a local animal shelter. PAWS Atlanta is a no-kill facility housing dozens of dogs and cats; but what’s more, PAWS helps local residents by offering “vet days” where people can bring their pets for low-cost vaccinations plus microchip them. Their mission is to “build a community of caring, by people helping pets and pets helping people.” Despite the muggy Atlanta heat, the Yeti Ready crew was lending a helping paw. Photos by Matt Duncan.


The Yeti Ready crew was all smiles at PAWS.


This furry fellow made new friends at Preparis.


Pitching in at PAWS required a bit of painting.


Two of the Preparis’ execs got down ‘n dirty.


This sweet little pup was only a few weeks old.


All the cats & dogs available adoption can be found on PAWS website.

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