Emergency Preparedness Company Provides Free Crisis Management and Training Webinar Series throughout Fall 2012

Atlanta, Ga. – Aug. 9, 2012 – Preparis, an innovative emergency preparedness company based in Atlanta, Ga., will launch a free crisis management training webinar series for business leaders and decision makers, starting Aug. 16, 2012 until the end of September.

The series is launching in time for National Preparedness Month, observed in September, as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) effort to strengthen the nation’s emergency preparedness efforts. Preparis’ ongoing webinar series, entitled “Seven Steps to Preparedness,” will teach attendees seven ways in which organizations can better prepare for crises or threats, including conducting risk assessments, developing emergency plans, and creating and utilizing a crisis management team of employees. In tandem with the webinar series, Preparis will also provide emergency preparedness checklists and e-book content to support the series’ methodology.

The initial webinar on Aug. 16 will be led by Preparis’ Emergency Management Consultant, Bryan Hill, who has extensive experience in conducting full-scale and tabletop crisis management training exercises for organizations and hospitals. Hill, who is Advanced Disaster Life Support (ADLS) certified by the American Medical Association (AMA), will explain an overview of the seven steps to emergency preparedness, leading attendees through the methodology necessary to create emergency plans and manage crises effectively.

“We are pleased to launch this comprehensive, ongoing emergency preparedness webinar series, designed to help business leaders better prepare their organizations for threats, disasters and crises of any nature,” said Hill. “Each part of the crisis management training series is structured so that it expands upon the information learned in the previous webinar, compounding the emergency preparedness tools that organizations require to manage the unexpected.”

For more information about Preparis, or to learn more about its suite of emergency preparedness services, crisis consulting and training, please visit www.preparis.com. To register for the first crisis management training webinar in the series, please visit https://preparis.com/7steps.

About Preparis

Preparis offers a comprehensive subscription-based workforce preparedness platform and system that delivers notifications, expert information, response protocols and crisis training to businesses and employees. The company’s programs are designed to help businesses build a capable crisis team, utilizing Preparis’ proprietary “Read, React, Recover” methodology. This methodology ensures teams are equipped to make good decisions and communicate effectively in the event of any crisis or disaster. For more information about Preparis, please visit www.preparis.com.

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