Integrated software and services platform helps property managers better protect people and buildings

Preparis, Inc., the leading provider of web-based emergency preparedness services, today announced the release of a solution for commercial real estate. Designed to help commercial buildings improve tenant retention, increase brand differentiation, limit liability and increase the property value. Without security, your building can really take a hit in its value – you can find out the importance of valuing a commercial property here. This just goes to show the importance of improving your emergency preparedness.

Preparis offers anytime, anywhere access via its on-demand portal.

“With the growth of 21st Century threats such as natural disasters, workplace violence, terrorism, pandemics and every day emergencies, property managers and building owners are under pressure to protect people and assets. Our commercial real estate solution is a natural extension of our existing corporate solutions,” said Preparis CEO Armistead Whitney.

Commercial property managers are responsible for large numbers of people, but old contact information, untrained tenant floor wardens, and slow, outdated methods of notification such as phone trees can often impact the effectiveness of their emergency response. Preparis helps property managers tackle these problems by giving them the tools to keep building and contact information up to date simply and effectively, alert tenants via phone, text and email in a matter of seconds, respond to all hazards effectively and make better decisions in a crisis. To fully leverage the mobile capabilities of the Preparis platform, subscription also includes an iPad to allow property managers to keep important information at their fingertips when they need it most.

The decision to expand beyond corporate solutions into commercial real estate is driven by the fact that many threats in the workplace require collaboration outside the company. Involving other stakeholders, such as the property management team and building owner, will help ensure a consistent and rapid emergency response building-wide.

According to FEMA, every $1 invested in preparedness will save a business $4 in recovery. The chaos following the recent earthquake in the Northeast, when many buildings lacked a unified response and thousands of hours of productivity were lost, is testament to the importance of a well-tested preparedness program. Many people who would have been safer sheltering in place left their buildings due to a lack of instruction. As Chief Product Officer of Preparis Kevin O’Malley explains, “With our platform, property managers would have been able to quickly take action and alert tenants to shelter in place.” He adds, “With our online training and certification, the tenant floor wardens and executives would have known what to do with that alert.”

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