blog-crisis-managerThe ideal crisis manager exhibits three distinct traits, according to Justin Menkes‘ book Better Under Pressure. These traits allow the manager to be aware of the circumstances of a crisis and to remain calm under pressure, bringing people together and improving things quickly.

Based on five years of research and evaluations of 150 CEOs, Menkes identified three key consistent characteristics that the best crisis managers display:

1. Realistic optimism. The best leaders demonstrated an ability to understand the actual circumstances of a crisis and envision a chance to transcend.

 2. Finding order in chaos. This trait combines calmness, clarity of thought and a drive to fix the situation. It takes great practice to keep your mind clear and remain courageous during a crisis.

3. Subservience to purpose or corporate goals.  This commitment to the “greater good” can make a significant difference. Effective leaders channel staffers’ “intense reactions to recurring setbacks in a way that constructively keeps the organization moving forward,” Menkes writes in his book.

What other traits do you think make an ideal crisis manager? Let us know in the comments below.

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